Automotive Custom Fabrication and Accessories

Custom Fabrications & Accessories

For over 30 years, Haas Entertainment has been the place to take your car for outstanding custom stereo work and today we’re happy to continue that tradition with all kinds of modifications for your vehicle, both inside and out! Whether you’re looking to fit a subwoofer in a tight spot, highlight a custom stereo, add a motorized spoiler to your exotic sports car or upgrade to HID and LED lights, our technicians can make it happen with quality work that looks like it came from the factory.

Our fully equipped custom shop can do anything you want from stereos to body kits, wheels designed just for you, custom floor mats and upholstery. We can add a modern stereo to your classic car that keeps the original look or update the interior of your luxury car with video monitors and LED accents. Personalize your car with custom graphics, logos, etched glass and window tint. The only limit is your imagination. Stop by today and talk to one of our designers. We’d love to help bring your ideas to life!


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