Automotive Park Assist

Park Assist

  • We know you do everything you can to be safe on the road but even the most careful drivers can’t avoid hazards that they can’t see. Whether trying to fit into a tight parking space or backing out of your driveway, you don’t want to bump the car behind you or even worse, fail to notice a child or pet that’s out of your field of view. Fortunately, technology is here to help. With a park assist system installed in your vehicle, we can eliminate your car’s biggest blind spot and help make you a safer driver!


    It’s easy to protect your car and avoid hidden obstacles with proximity sensors mounted in your bumper. As soon as you put your car in reverse, you start receiving audible alerts that let you know how close you are to the car behind you or if something suddenly appears behind your car. Or for even more precision, we can outfit your vehicle with a rear-view camera so you can see for yourself on the video screen in your dash. By helping you avoid accidents, our park assist systems are an easy way to keep your car looking great, free of dings and scratches and avoid hassle, expense and time wasted at the body shop. With professional installation and paint to exactly match your car, it’ll look like it came from the factory without the bulky attachments and visible wires that some aftermarket systems have. Stop by and experience it for yourself. You’re going to love the added safety, convenience and peace of mind a new park assist system will give you!


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