Automotive Satellite and HD Radio

Satellite and HD Radio

If you’re getting tired of listening to the same old radio stations, you’ll love having hundreds of commercial-free satellite radio stations available no matter where you are! With exclusive content like news, talk, sports and music, you can always stay up to date on what matters most to you. Satellite transmission means you’re always in range, even if you’re away from urban areas where regular radio stations can fade in and out if they’re even there at all.

When you’re closer to home, you’ll be amazed at what the new HD radio receivers have to offer. Like HDTV, HD radio uses digital signals so the sound you hear is crystal clear and static-free. Plus, you’ll have fun discovering the new extra stations that are being broadcast between the channels you already know. At Haas Entertainment, we’ve been upgrading cars with the latest satellite and HD radio receivers as long as they’ve been around. Our technicians can upgrade any car with clean, professional installation to keep your car looking great while helping you enjoy the ride. Call today for a demonstration and find out how we can help you get the most out of your car!

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