Commercial Surveillance


  • Whether you’re running a retail business, an office, a restaurant or a convenience store, the security of your company is more important than ever.  The assets that make your company valuable can also make you a target for criminals but with the right information, you can protect yourself from lawsuits, guard your inventory against theft and prevent more serious crimes from taking place at your business.  With a closed-circuit surveillance system from Haas Entertainment, it's easy to add that extra level of security.


    Based around a hard-drive digital video recorder, our surveillance systems are highly customizable to fit seamlessly into any building.  We have cameras to fit any situation from wide-angle to telephoto, large cameras to deter criminals, covert cameras that hide in their surroundings, even cameras that can see in the dark.  With everything recorded, you can quickly review video from any of your cameras, save images and video or transfer evidence to your local police department.  And monitoring can take place anywhere from a dedicated security station in the building to a computer screen on the other side of the world.


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