Commercial System Design

System Design

  • There’s no question about it, technology is critical to the success of a modern business and the electronic systems in your building say a lot about your company. The right systems can impress your clients, keep customers happy and make it easy for you to keep your business moving forward. Whether you’re looking for a state of the art video conferencing system, IT and networking infrastructure, music and TVs to entertain your guests or automated environmental controls for your green commercial space, our expert designers have the knowledge and experience to engineer a system that works for you.


    Using innovative technologies and the best products available, our designers can create systems that do just about anything, adding a new level of excitement in your bar or restaurant on game day, helping customers feel relaxed with soothing music anywhere or letting you have face-to-face meetings with anybody around the world.  By designing systems around your individual needs, your customers, your building and your budget, you get systems that do exactly what you them to do and don’t hurt your bottom line.  And we work with your architects and interior designers to make sure your system will fit seamlessly into your building, keeping the beauty of your space intact.  No matter the size, we approach every project with attention to detail and we’re there when you need us with outstanding support on the phone and in person.  So give us a call today and talk to one of our commercial system design specialists.  We’d love to show you how the right technologies from Haas Entertainment can be a part of your successful business strategy!


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