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GPS Tracking

Looking for the best way to protect your car? With a tracking system from Haas GPS installed in your car, it’s never been easier to protect against theft, monitor teenage drivers and keep track of your business vehicles! Our easy to use interface helps you keep in touch with your car with real time tracking on your computer or smart phone. You can receive alerts when your alarm is triggered or your car is being towed and you can also send text commands to sound the horn, flash the lights, disable the starter or lock and unlock your doors remotely.


Haas GPS tracking systems are fully customizable so you can set parameters and be notified when limits have been exceeded, prefect for keeping your teenage driver safe. Receive a message when your car leaves and arrives at predetermined locations, has been driven beyond a specified boundary, exceeds a certain speed or goes out after curfew. It can even remind you when your car is due for regular maintenance or when the battery or tire pressure run low.


With GPS tracking, it’s easy to monitor your business fleet vehicles, too. In addition to keeping track of your employees when they’re on the clock and keeping your vehicles on their maintenance schedules, it’s great for precise tracking of shipments. Know exactly when your vehicles arrive at their scheduled stops so you can keep your clients happy and with an optional sensor, you can monitor the temperature in refrigerated vans and trailers to detect problems early and save your valuable cargo.


Whether you’re trying to protect your business, your vehicle or your family, there’s a Haas GPS tracking solution that’s right for you. Our professional technicians can outfit any vehicle from luxury and exotic cars to trucks, vans, RVs and boats. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes with the ultimate in automotive security!




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