Residential Designer Accents

Designer Accents

  • We know how important your home’s appearance is. That’s why at Haas Entertainment, we specialize in custom work that’s made to fit with your individual style. Working with you, your architect and interior designer, we find the best way to integrate audio, video and home automation equipment into your house. With a selection of beautiful, hand-crafted speakers that look like works of art and ultra-thin LED televisions, getting a refined look that works with your visual style might be easier than you think.


    While most of our components look great on their own, our custom work can showcase the beauty of their design or help them blend invisibly into your room. A display that floats behind a bathroom mirror disappears completely when not in use and equipment sits comfortably inside furniture made to match your room. Our home automation systems streamline the appearance of you home by replacing controllers for lights, motorized shades, thermostats, alarm systems and music with a single touchscreen. Watch your living space transform in an instant, dimming lights to preset levels for parties, relaxing, watching movies, or highlighting a collection of fine art. With the limitless options of our high quality custom work, you’ll be amazed at how an electronic system can enhance both the beauty and functionality of your home. Call today to find out what we can do for you!


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