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  • Music and movies are with you wherever you go with more ways to watch and listen than ever before. Stored everywhere from CDs and iPods to computers, digital video recorders and stereo systems throughout the house, it can be hard to keep track of it all. But now there’s an elegant solution! With a home audio/video system from Haas Entertainment it’s easy find, organize and enjoy the all music and movies you love.


    A complete home system integrates seamlessly into your house with most of the electronic components installed in a central location. With just a pair of speakers or a display in your room, you’re free to watch or listen to all of your sources anywhere you want without all of the electronic clutter. You’ll love seeing a house full of electronics disappear into a single closet!  Browse your entire collection of music and movies in any room or find something new with internet radio stations and video servers. With an in-wall iPod docking station, you can take your music with you when you go or invite guests to bring their own music along. Never worry about where you left a CD or DVD, or what satellite receiver you used to record last night’s show since all of your devices are always at your fingertips. Our custom control systems make everything easy to use with intuitive touch screens and remotes throughout the house or even controls for your smart phone or tablet. All you need to know is what you want to watch or listen to.


    Like all of our systems, a home audio/video system from Haas Entertainment is designed to fit perfectly into any space. We have speakers available to suit every situation from big rooms to small rooms, reference quality and economically priced, even speakers that blend invisibly into a room or can sit outside in the rain. Ultra-thin TVs look great on the wall but can also be concealed inside a motorized cabinet, behind a mirror or painting so you don’t have to seem them at all. Call us for a consultation. We’d love to show you how we can help you enjoy your music and movies even more with the beauty and simplicity of an audio/video system made just for you and your home.


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