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Home Networking

  • We’re all familiar with the benefits of internet access whether searching the web, staying in touch with email or connecting to the office, but a home network does a lot more than just help you connect to the internet. Now, more devices than ever depend on your home network from computers and smart phones to streaming music devices, video devices and home control systems. Just about anything can be connected but making sure your network is properly installed and configured is critical to reliability and security.


    At Haas Entertainment, we can help you with everything from installing the wired infrastructure of your home to basic wireless setup and configuration of more complex integrated home networks. No matter what the scale, we design networks around your needs to keep you and your devices connected. With a home network, you can keep in touch with your home when you’re away, watch the shows you recorded on your satellite box, monitor security systems and even adjust lights and thermostats from your computer or smart phone. And when installed together with a home control system, we can connect remotely to your home for maintenance, system updates and instant help if you’re having trouble. The possibilities are truly amazing. Call for a consultation and find out how a home network can make life easier for you.


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