Residential System Design

System Design

  • Because all of our systems are unique, our design process begins with you. Whether you’re interested in a custom home theater room, music throughout the house or a home automation system, our expert designers focus on your individual needs to create a system that has the right balance of performance and aesthetics within your budget. With the seemingly endless possibilities, figuring out what you want can seem like a huge undertaking but with the right guidance, it’s easy.


    We start by getting to know you. What is it you’re looking for in a system? Do you listen to music casually or critically? Do you want a professional screening room or a place to relax and watch movies with the kids at night? These and other questions help form the foundation for selecting equipment, determining what wires will be necessary and what will be the easiest way for you to use it all. Proper planning in the early stages ensures not only the best system in the end, but also an efficient process that minimizes delays and costly mistakes. And we make sure it’s just right for you with custom cabinets and furniture, attractive components and custom designed control systems. We work with your architect, interior designer and builder to set schedules, determine the best locations for equipment and the best way to integrate the system seamlessly into your home.


    At Haas Entertainment, we’re committed you. Designing a good system means more than just picking out the best components. It requires personalized service to understand what you want and make sure everything will work in harmony to enrich your life. If you have specific ideas or aren’t sure what you’re looking for, call us for a consultation. We have the experience to create the right system for you!

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